Lubricating Pump for Concrete Mixer


Electric Grease Pump
Max.working pressure:25Mpa;
Rated displacement:0.15ML/times
Rated Capacity:8L
Electric Lubrication Pump for Concrete Mixer

  HEG-2 type is the design and development of four export electric lubrication pump specifically for mixing station, mixing plant and other large twin shaft mixer shaft seal. 

1. The lubrication system does not use traditional progressive distributor, but directly to the mixer shaft by four oil pump units;
2. Tubing using polycarbonate material, suitable for harsh environment conditions;
3. Four oil outlet port equipped with a pressure gauge, easy to observe the lubrication system is working properly, the timely detection of faults facilitates mixer running.
4. Each oil outlet of nominal flow 1.8cc / min, suitable for mixer shaft seal continuous lubrication oil supply requirements.
5. Operating temperature:-5℃ to 50 ℃
6.motor power:90w; 120w
7.Outlet size of Nozzle:Z1/4
8. Use grease:Mobil ep2;n1g1000#-2#
Technical Parameters:

Grease Pump
Grease Pump

Since the reduction gears have been designed not to consume oil, change the oil EVERY 4000
HOURS or at least EVERY 2 YEARS.
When changing or refilling oil in the reductors, oil-pressure system and bearings, use the
type of oil shown in the table below, while for the refilling of the seals lubricating system

refilling oil

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 500 × 400 × 500 mm