MR13-2I1-P100150 Digital Controller SHIMADEN

MR13 Series SHIMADEN Thermostat Regulator, MR13-2I1-P100150/ MR13-2P1-P100150/ MR13-2Y1-P100150/ MR13-2V1-P100150

MR13 Series SHIMADEN Thermostat Regulator


The zone control can realize independent 3-channel input and 3-channel setting.

The set value of CH2 CH3 can track CH1 (settable offset) SV setting;

The PV input value of CH2 CH3 tracks the PV input of CH1;

Adopt anti-overshoot expert PID;

Rich option features: program function, event function, remote DI input, communication function (RS‐232C or RS‐485).

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MR13 Dimensions