MVE 40/3 Vibration Motor

MVE Types of Vibrators

Power:  KW

Exciting Force: KN

MVE 40/3 Vibration Motor

MVE series single and three-phase standard vibration motor with light weight, small volume, exciting force adjustment, insulation grade and protective level of higher features. Products can replace ITALVIBRAS (MARTIN), VIMARC, INVICTA, URAS and other foreign companies produce vibration motor.
With models: MVE series three-phase vibration motor;
MVE series single-phase vibration motor;
MVE-DC series DC vibrating motor;
MVE-H series high frequency vibration motor;
MVE-D series of explosion-proof vibration motor
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MVE 40/3 Vibration Motor Parameter

Rated Voltage: 380V for three-phase vibration motor; 220V for single-phase vibration motor. Or 230/400V,230/460V.
DC voltage 12V 24V 220V
Rated Frequency 50HZ/ 60HZ
Insulation Grade H,connecting line cavity F
Protection Grade IP65  Duty S1
Excitation Force Adjustment Range 0-The maximum
Excitation Force Single-phase vibration motor :0—800kg; Three-phase vibration motor: 0—13000kg