PAC01A-2-120A Single-phase Power Regulator


PAC01A-2-120A Single-phase Passive Voltage Regulator

PAC01A Series Single-phase Passive Voltage Regulator


The PAC01A uses a 4-20 mA control signal as the power supply. It is beautiful with European-style safety and dustproof structure and power terminals safety cover. Red and blue LED lights make the working status much more clear. The blade type heat sink is small and light, but the heat dissipation efficiency is higher than that of the ordinary heat sink by 30%. As an option, the PAC01 is equipped with PWM tuning and heater disconnection alarm HB. Other functions include: auxiliary voltage limit, power-on slow start, slow turn-off, heat sink over temperature, power failure alarm, and can be widely used in resistive or inductive loads in various fields of industry.

Main Specifications:

1.4 ~ 20mA input: Receive impedance 500Ω ~ 1.5K; pressure regulation resolution: 0.1%.

  1. Load power supply: 50Hz single phase 110VAC/220VAC/380VAC phase shift range: 0~170°
  2. Synchronous power supply: 110VAC/220VAC/380VAC, see signage
  3. External voltage adjustment: 10K with dial potentiometer Adjustment range 0~100%.
  4. Slow start, slow stop: Start and stop switch control slow start, slow stop time is fixed at 15 seconds. When there is no start/stop switch control, the first power-on automatically starts slowly.

6.80 °C over-temperature protection: The heat sink temperature is greater than 80 °C ± 3 °C. Prohibit the output and alarm. Release: After the fault is removed, re-power on.

  1. Current capacity: 40A, 60A, 80A, 120A, 150A AC
  2. Alarm output: Photoelectric isolation OC gate output, isolation voltage 1500V (5~24VDC external power supply).

Model Definition:

PAC01A Model definition

Technical Parameters:

Model Nominal Current Rated Current Load Voltage Dimensions


Pitch Cooling Method
PAC01A-2-40A 40A 40A 220V 176*83*149 Ф6mm 153*60mm Natural Cooling
PAC01A-3-40A 40A 40A 380V
PAC01A-2-60A 60A 60A 220V 215*83*149 Ф6mm 191*60mm Air Cooling
PAC01A-2-60A 60A 60A 380V
PAC01A-2-80A 80A 80A 220V
PAC01A-3-80A 80A 80A 380V
PAC01A-2-120A 120A 90A 220V 277*83*149 Ф6mm 260*68mm Air Cooling
PAC01A-3-120A 120A 90A 380V
PAC01A-2-150A 150A 110A 220V
PAC01A-3-150A 150A 110A 380V

Working Principle and Wiring Diagram:

PAC01A Working Principle and Wiring Diagram

PAC01A The Simplest Connection