PAC03I-B227-250-NN-U00-11 Three Phase SSR Power Regulator

PAC03I-B227-250-NN-U00-11 XIMADEN Three Phase SSR Power Regulator

PAC03I Series Three Phase SSR Power Regulator


Intelligent AC power regulator can be widely used in voltage regulation, voltage limiting and current limiting regulation in various fields of industry. It is suitable for resistive load, inductive load, transformer and motor soft start control, etc.

Ordering Code

PAC03I Ordering Code


Model Nominal current Rated current Sizes Hole spacing Cooling method
PAC03I-B160-150-NN-U00-11 150A 75A 244X160X195 Ф9mm, 220X110mm Natural cooling
PAC03I-B160-200-NN-U00-11 200A 100A
PAC03I-B160-220-NN-U00-11 220A 110A
PAC03I-B160-250-NN-U00-11 250A 125A
PAC03I-B227-200-NN-U00-11 200A 110A 250X230X200 Ф9mm, 230X140mm Fan cooling
PAC03I-B227-220-NN-U00-11 220A 120A
PAC03I-B227-250-NN-U00-11 250A 130A
PAC03I-B301-200-NN-U00-11 200A 100A 310X250X240 Ф9mm, 290X140mm Fan cooling
PAC03I-B301-220-NN-U00-11 220A 110A
PAC03I-B301-250-NN-U00-11 250A 125A
PAC03I-B301-300-NN-U00-11 300A 150A
PAC03I-B301-340-NN-U00-11 340A 170A
PAC03I-B361-400-NN-U00-11 400A 200A 360X250X270 Ф9mm, 340X140mm Fan cooling
PAC03I-B400-400-NN-U00-11 400A 220A 375X390X285 Ф9mm, 355X250mm Fan cooling
PAC03I-B400-500-NN-U00-11 500A 260A

Main technical data

Input Control board power supply Voltage of any two phase lines in three phases, 380V, 50HZ
Manual setting signal DC0~5V
Automatic control signal 4~20mA, input impedance 120W; Sampling time 50 times/sec
Fan power supply 220V, 50HZ
Output Resolution Adjust output 0.2
Output voltage

Control method

Input voltage 0~95%

The factory defaults to the voltage regulation mode. If power and voltage regulation are required, special instructions are required

Alarming output Relay alarm output, AL1, AL2 are alarm contacts, capacity 240VAC 2A
Loading Three phase 380VAC, 50Hz, Pure resistance, inductive load

1)     Star center ungrounded or outer triangle; 2) Star center grounding; 3) Three phase half controlled rectifier bridge

Protection Slow start, slow stop The slow start time is set by the internal potentiometer P3 (0.2-120 seconds) and the slow off time is fixed for 3 seconds
Emergency stop and automatic slow start In the process of operation, there is an instantaneous phase loss emergency stop (20ms), and automatic slow start after power on (it is cancelled when three phases are missing one phase)
Overtemperature protection When the radiator temperature is higher than 80 ℃, it is prohibited to output and give an alarm,
Load overcurrent protection Alarm and inhibit output (cannot replace quick fuse)
Using environment Installation environment Wall mounted vertical installation, good ventilation, no direct sunlight or thermal radiation, no corrosion and no flammability
Height and humidity In case of high temperature, high humidity and altitude greater than 1000m, it shall be used at reduced rate. Ambient relative humidity: < 90%
Temperature -10℃~+55℃



PAC03I 150A 180A Dimensions

AC03I 250A Dimensions