PAC15P-B90-120-11 Thyristor Power Regulator

XIMADEN PAC15P-B90-120-11 Thyristor Power Regulator

XIMADEN PAC15P-B90-120-11 Single-phase Thyristor Power Regulator


PAC15 power and voltage regulator main control board is same with SHIMADEN single-phase thyristor voltage regulator. It is mainly used for single-phase AC pure resistance load or transformer control. It has the advantages of reliable triggering, stable operation and flexible use.

Ordering Code

PAC15 Ordering Code


Model Nominal current Rated current Size (mm) Hole spacing Cooling mode
PAC15P(C)-B90-120-11 120A 100A 220*92*170 Ф4mm, 210mm Natural cooling
PAC15P(C)-B90-180-11 180A 160A
PAC15P(C)-B120-120-11 120A 100A 242*110*210 Fan cooling
PAC15P(C)-B120-180-11 180A 160A
PAC15P(C)-B160-120-11 120A 100A 244*160*195 Ф9mm, 220*110mm Natural/ Fan cooling
PAC15P(C)-B160-180-11 180A 160A
PAC15P(C)-B375-250-11 250A 200A 375*128*235 Ф6mm, 355*90mm Fan cooling
PAC15P(C)-B375-310-11 310A 280A
PAC15P(C)-D100-90-11 90A 80A 299*113*198 Ф8mm, 278mm Fan cooling
PAC15P(C)-D100-120-11 120A 100A
PAC15P(C)-D200-120-11 120A 100A 360*127*283 Ф9mm, 339mm Fan cooling
PAC15P(C)-D200-180-11 180A 160A
PAC15P(C)-D200-250-11 250A 200A
PAC15P(C)-D200-310-11 310A 280A
PAC15P(C)-D300-310-11 310A 280A 400*165*313 Ф9mm, 105*397mm Fan cooling
PAC15P(C)-D300-400-11 400A 380A
PAC15P(C)-D300-600-11 600A 580A


Input Control board power supply 220VAC, 50HZ/60HZ
Manual setting signal DC0~5V
Automatic control signal 4-20mA
Fan power supply 220VAC, 50HZ
Control mode Direct mode R2 and R3 are short circuited, and the output voltage changes directly with the input 4-20mA signal
Direct & Amplitude limiting mode R1, R2 and R3 terminals connect externally 10K potentiometers. The upper limit voltage value of the output voltage changes directly with the change of 4-20Ma.

Function: Slowly adjust the external potentiometer to the full output, as a slow start when controlling the silicon carbide rod, platinum heater or transformer to avoid excessive impulse current or reduce the design power of the heater.

Amplitude Limiting & Manual mode Two 10K potentiometers are connected at R1, R2, R3 and R1, R2 and M respectively. And the automatic-manual change-over switch is connected at R2.
Using environment Installation environment Wall mounted vertical installation, good ventilation, no direct sunlight or thermal radiation, no corrosion and no flammability
High humidity High temperature, high humidity and altitude greater than 1000m shall be derated for using. Ambient relative humidity: ≤90%
Temperature -10℃~+55℃

Wiring diagram

PAC15 Wiring Diagram


PAC15 Dimensions