Single-phase Power Regulator PAC20A-3-80A


 Single-phase Power Regulator PAC20A-3-80A

PAC20A Series Single-phase Power Regulator 


The new PAC20A smart single-phase regulator opens up a new era of digital regulators with an amazingly perfect design. It is easy to operate and maintain. European-style safety and dustproof structure is beautiful and generous. It can do both voltage regulation and power adjustment, with power-on slow start, slow turn-off, heat sink over temperature, current limit, and over current protection, suitable for resistive and inductive loads. So it can be widely used for power adjustment in all the industrial field.

Technical Parameters:

Model Nominal Current Rated Current Dimensions


Pitch Cooling Method
PAC20A-2-40A 40A 40A 215*83*159 Ф6mm 190*65mm Natural Cooling
PAC20A-3-40A 40A 40A
PAC20A-2-60A 60A 50A 215*83*159 Ф6mm 190*65mm Air Cooling
PAC20A-3-60A 60A 50A
PAC20A-2-80A 80A 70A
PAC20A-3-80A 80A 70A
PAC20A-2-120A 120A 90A 277*83*161 Ф6mm 254*65mm Air Cooling
PAC20A-3-120A 120A 90A
PAC20A-2-150A 150A 100A
PAC20A-3-150A 150A 100A

PAC20A Simple Wiring Diagram:

PAC20A Simple Wiring Diagram

Installation Dimensions:

PAC20A Installation Dimensions