PS380S Solenoid Valve PMC

PMC, PS380S, Solenoid Valve

PMC PS380S Solenoid Valve

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Common Specifications:

  1. Fluid: clean air
  2. Ambient and fluid temperature: Max. (maximum) 50℃
  3. Lubrication: No need (if you need lubrication, please use No. 1 turbine oil ISOVG32)
  4. Manual operation: no locking button type (standard), rotary locking type (optional)
  5. Pit impact/vibration capability: 30G/5G (8.3~2000Hz)
  6. Sealing: anti-dust

Magnetic coil specifications:

  1. Wiring method: grommet type G, terminal type D, overvoltage protection type DZ
  2. Standard voltage: AC: 110V, 220V (50Hz), DC: 24V, 12V
  3. Allowable voltage fluctuation range: -15~+10% of rated voltage
  4. Insulation: Class B or the same class (130°C)
  5. Power consumption: AC start 5.6VA, continuous 4.5VA; DC1.8W/2W (with indicator light)
  6. Overvoltage suppressor: AC: Varistor, DC: Diode
  7. Indicator light: AC neon light, DC light-emitting diode

Technical parameters of solenoid valve:

  1. Two-position five-way solenoid valve single coil
  2. Operating pressure range: 0.15 to 0.9 (1.5 to 9) MPa (kgf/cm2)
  3. Response time: 30 or less milliseconds
  4. Maximum operating frequency: 5 times/second
  5. The diameter of the nozzle: 1/4″PT (NPT)
  6. Effective sectional area: 18mm2 (Cv value: 1.0)
Model PS380S PS380D PS380H PS380I PS380J
Fluid Air, inert gas
Fluid 1.5-8.0 1.0-8.0 2.0-8.0
Effective segment area (CV value) 45(2.5) 27 (1.5)
Ambient and fluid temperature 5-60℃
Reaction time (5kgf/cm3) <20ms <35ms
Reaction time


10c/sec 3c/sec
Turbine oil No need ((if need lubrication, No. 1 turbine oil ISOVG32 is used )
Manual operation Button type without lock( standard type)/ Button type with lock ( Option)
Shock and Vibration resistance Capability 30G-5G (8.3-200HZ)
Protection class Dust-proof
Coil voltage AC110V, 220V (AC50/60Hz), DC24V
Allow voltage fluctuations Rated voltage ± 10%
Insulation F Grade or other same grade
indicator light; AC; Overvoltage Suppressor 6.0VA (60HZ0
Power consumption; DC 2.7W


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