PT-2D-J Three-phase Adjustable Control Module


PT-2D-J/ PT-2D-J  Three-phase Power Supply Module/ PT-2D-J Three-phase Adjustable Control Module/ PT-2D-J Controller Module

PT-2D-J Three-phase Adjustable Control Module


The PT-2D-J type three-phase adjustment module is a new generation of three-phase integral adjustment type electric actuator special control module developed on the basis of the PT-3C-J type module. It receives DC4-20mA standard current signals from systems such as DCS or controllers such as PLC, and controls the electric actuator to complete the proportional adjustment of the valve opening. It integrates many functions such as phase sequence automatic adjustment, proportional adjustment, isolation amplification, valve position transmission, power drive, etc. It has phase loss protection, over torque protection, electronic interlock protection, prohibition delay protection, and loss of signal protection , temperature protection and other perfect protection functions.

It can also be equipped with an on-site button board to implement on-site operations and provide a variety of alarm outputs; equipped with a valve position liquid crystal display to accurately and intuitively display the valve position opening; an infrared remote control can be added to achieve on-site operation with a higher protection level. It has the advantages of strong anti-interference ability, reliable performance, shock resistance, moisture resistance, small size, simple wiring, and convenient debugging. It has been widely used in DKJ, DKZ, DZW, LQA, QB, QT, SD, SM, SMC, SR, 2SA, 802, 903, 3410, 3610 and other series of products.

Main technical parameters and performance characteristics:

  1. Power supply voltage: 380V±10%, 50HZ±5%
  2. Power connection: three-phase three-wire type, three-phase four-wire type.
  3. It can automatically identify and adjust the phase sequence of the three-phase power supply, and correctly execute the valve opening and closing control.
  4. It has complete protection functions such as phase loss protection, over-torque protection, electronic interlock protection, prohibition delay protection, loss of signal protection, temperature protection, etc.
  5. Can be equipped with: on-site button board, valve position LCD display, infrared remote control and other functions.
  6. Provide two sets of output dry contacts: one set for comprehensive alarms (power failure, phase loss, over torque, loss of signal) and one set for remote/site state indications.
  7. The input/output signal channels are all optically isolated (can withstand 2000V surge voltage).
  8. Input signal: DC4mA~20mA, DC1V~5V, DC0V~10V (can choose one of them).
  9. Output signal: DC4mA~20mA (active output), DC1V~5V, DC0V~10V (can choose one of them).
  10. Input channel impedance: 150Ω (DC4mA~20mA), ≧500KΩ (DC1V~5V).
  11. Output current load resistance: ≦750Ω.
  12. The resistance value of the adapted valve position potentiometer: 1KΩ~5KΩ (if other potentiometers are equipped, please contact our company).
  13. The adjustment range of the output valve position current is large: the low side is 0% to 85%, that is, the low side does not need to be adjusted to the zero position; the high side is 15% to 100%. That is, when the single-turn valve position potentiometer has a small rotation angle (0~45°), or when the rotation angle is maximum (0°~270° or 0°~330°), DC4mA~20mA can be adjusted.
  14. The unique feedback current adjustment technology can accurately adjust the DC4-20mA current by opening and closing the valve only once, without the need for repeated adjustments in traditional methods.
  15. The direct action and reverse action can be set through the DIP switch on the module: when the action is direct, control current is 4mA means the valve is fully closed and 20mA is corresponding to the valve fully open; Othervise, the control current is 20mA means the valve is fully closed, while 4mA is corresponding to the valve fully open.
  16. When the control current signal is lost, three working states can be set through the DIP switch on the module: keep the original position, fully open, and fully closed. (Note: When the control current is lower than 2mA, it is regarded as signal loss).
  17. Applicable to reversible control, with 50% connection duration, and 1200 connections per hour.
  18. Sensitivity: 0.3~20% adjustable.
  19. Working temperature: -30℃~+70℃
  20. Environmental humidity: ≦95% (25°C).