QCX-HL-2T Hoisting Weight Limiter



Hoisting Weight Limiter, QCX-HL-2T

Hoisting Weight Limiter QCX-HL-2T

Name: QCX-HL Series Hoisting Weight limiter

Application range: 0.5T-32T

Comprehensive error: ≤5% (F•S)

Operation temperature: -20℃-60℃

Display method:Four digit LED digital tube

Protection level: sensor IP65, controller IP45

Relative humidity: 45% to 95% (25 ° C)

Working voltage: AC380V ± 10%, 50HZ

Warning point: Rated lifting capacity X90%

Overload capacity: 1.5 times

Alarm action point: rated lifting capacity x 105%

Alarm method: sound and light alarm

Immediate action point: rated lifting capacity X110%

Relay contact capacity: 10A, 277VAC, 12A, 125VAC