QGX-B Height Limiter

Height Limit Device, QGX-B, 80:1, Height Limiter

QGX-B Height Limit Device

Ordering Code

QGX Ordering code


QGX series height limiter is a safety protection device for the lifting height of lifting equipment, which can effectively prevent the hook from hitting the top or falling to the ground. It adopts an adjustable mechanical memory structure, and it is with reliable performance, high sensitivity, strong versatility and convenient maintenance, installation and use and adjustment.


It is composed of high-precision transmission worm gear group, adjustable memory cam, micro-switch group and shell components.


Control and limit the spatial three-coordinate of lifting and transmission machinery in construction, port, mining and other industries.

Technical parameters

NO. Technical parameters Parameter scope
1 Working environment Environment temperature: -40~+60℃
Relative humidity:Not more than 90%
2 Repeat positioning accuracy Corner error: Not more than 0.005rad(0.3°)
3 Electrical performance Rated voltage:AC: 125~380V DC: 36V
Rated current: 6A
Number of control circuits: Standard design circuit is 4 groups
4 Transmission ratio QGX-A:40:1