QJ1G-50 Gas Relay


Gas Relay QJ1-50, QJ1G-50, QJ1-50-TH, QJ1-50A, QJ1-50A-TH

QJ1G-50 Gas Relay

  1. Application

The QJ series gas relay is protective device for oil immered transformer. If a fault causes gas to be generated in the transfomer or a heavy surge of insulating oil, the gas relay shall be in operation, the alarm signal is initeated and/or the transformer is tripped automatically

  1. Working Pirnciple

When the transformer works normally, the relay is filled with transformer oil. If a slight fault occurs in the operation of the transformer, the gas generated by the decomposition of transformer oil will gather in the upper part of the relay container, forcing the relay float to drop. When the float drops to a limited position, the magnet will connect the signal contact and send out an alarm signal. If the oil level decreases due to the leakage of transformer, the alarm signal will also be sent out. If there is a serious fault inside the transformer, there will be a surge of oil, which will produce oil flow in the pipeline and impact the baffle movement of the relay. When the baffle moves to a certain limited position, the magnet connects the trip contact and cuts off all power supplies connected with the transformer.trips the transformer.

  1. Technical datas

(1) Working temperature :-30℃-100℃

(2) Switch Capacity : AC 220V 0.3A COSs0.6

DC 220V 0. 3A Ss5x10-39.

(3) Working characteristics:

Type QJ-80 QJ-50 QJ-25
Range of flow (m/s ) 0.7-1.5 0.6-1.2 0.8-1.2
Gas accumulation (ml ) 250-300 <250

(4) Sealing character:

Filling a transformer oil into the relay. Pressurizing normal temperature 200kPa. Continued 20 min and withont any leakage。

(5) Insulation performance:

Test item Voltage between contacts Voltage between terminal and eatth Voltage between signal and tripping terminal
Bring to bear on industry voltage 2000v/1 min 2000v/1 min 2000v/1 min

(6) Antivibration capacity

When acceleration is 4g at vibration frequency from 4-20Hz, the relay shall not do any.

  1. Ordering Code


5. Structure

Gas relay QJ structure