QRS-G20-8 Rotary Joint


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QRS-G20-8 Rotary Joint High Temperature Heat Conductive Oil Rotary Joint


The heat conductive oil rotary joint is a transitional connection sealing device that inputs high-temperature fluid media from a static system to a dynamic rotary system.


The high-speed heat-conducting oil rotary joint adopts a balanced end face seal, so that the pressure generated at the two ends of the seal ring is almost equal, thereby effectively reducing the wear of the seal load on the sealing surface. The stainless steel shaft head is inlaid with an imported polymer silicon carbide ring and seal ring friction sealing, low friction coefficient, good sealing effect.

The hollow shaft is extended and the bearing spacing is more convenient for disassembly and assembly. And the speed is fast, the stability is strong, and the service life is prolonged. The auxiliary seal adopts Japanese imported silicon rubber and fluorine rubber to ensure that the seal does not soften at high temperatures. The sealing ring is processed after being impregnated with high-density graphite. The specially treated high temperature resistant stainless steel spring is strong stable, fast speed, long service life and convenient installation. Most heat conductive oil rotary joints adopt spherical sealing structure, carbon gold graphite seal, carbon steel spring or stainless steel spring compensation.

Applicable medium:

Water, air, steam, hot oil, liquid cutting fluid chemical industry

Sealing structure:

The heat conduction oil rotary joint shell is made of gray cast iron, ductile iron, steel parts, while low temperature oil high-speed equipment generally adopts alloy copper material as the shell, the rotating shaft uses 45# steel or stainless steel as the sealing connector, and the sealing auxiliary ring uses graphite , flexible graphite to balance sealing aid.


Cast iron oil-free bearing type speed: 100RPM—200RPM.

Alloy copper shell adopts deep groove bearing 200RPM—1000RPM

Mechanical seal 200PM-600PM

Pressure: 1.0Mpa—15MPa

Temperature: 180 ℃—300 ℃.

Application Field:

Widely used in synthetic leather, PVC, microfiber leather, laminating equipment, plastic calendering, internal mixer, hydraulic equipment, coating machinery, papermaking machinery, packaging machinery, chemicals, rubber machinery, textiles, printing and dyeing, glass, starch, petroleum, medicine, washing, tobacco, drying, electricity, food machinery and other equipment that use high-temperature oil or steam.

QR code:

QRD—One-way threaded connection

QRS—Two-way threaded connection

QRD-F—One-way flange connection

QRS-F—Two-way flange connection


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