QTYH-15 High Pressure Valve

High Pressure Regulator, QTYH-15, YONGCHENG, 0-3.5MPa, for plactic bottle blowing machine

QTYH-15 High Pressure Regulator YONGCHENG


  1. The high pressure valve is an accessory of the pneumatic control valve. It decompress and stabilize the pressure of the air source to a fixed value, so that the control valve can obtain a stable air source power for adjustment and control;
  2. The outlet pressure is not affected by the inlet pressure and flow rate. It reduces both the dynamic pressure and the static pressure, and can keep the set outlet pressure constant.
  3. The adjustment operation is convenient, only adjusting the screw of the pilot valve to obtain a stable outlet pressure.
  4. Good energy-saving effect, small pressure loss, large flow, small volume and light weight.
  5. Long life, important parts are made of special materials, basically no maintenance.


QTYH series valves air intake can reach 40kg pressure (4.0Mpa), and the pressure regulating valve range is 0-3.5Mpa. It is suitable for high pressure output regulation, such as blow molding machine, bottle blowing machine, nitrogen bottle, etc. product pressure reduction, pressure regulating valve.


QTYH dimensions

Model A B C D E F d d1
QTYH-08 156.5 121 55X55 G1/4 32.5 28 G1/4 63
QTYH-10 156.5 121 55X55 G3/8 32.5 28 G1/4 63
QTYH-15 156.5 121 55X55 G1/2 32.5 28 G1/4 63
QTYH-20 232 164.5 75X75 G3/4 32.5 44 G1/4 98
QTYH-25 232 164.5 75X75 G1 32.5 44 G1/4 98
QTYH-35 256 155 100X100 G1 1/4 32.5 77 G1/4 100
QTYH-40 256 155 100X100 G1 1/2 32.5 77 G1/4 100
QTYH-50 256 155 100X100 G2 32.5 77 G1/4 100


  1. QTYH valves should be installed as vertical as possible;
  2. When QTYH valve is used in combination, pay attention to the front and rear order, that is, before the air filter, the pressure valve is second, and the lubricator is after;
  3. When installing, pay attention to IN: air inlet, OUT: air outlet;
  4. Pay attention to air cleanliness when used alone, otherwise please use an air filter;
  5. Loosen the handle when installing, so that the pressure regulating spring is in a free state.

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