Servo Amplifier DFC-112


Servo Amplifier DFC-112/ DFC-112 Servo Amplifier for Electronic Actuators/ DFC Electric Servo Amplifier

Servo Amplifier DFC-112


DFC-series single-phase servo amplifier is an accessory in the DDZ electric unit combination instrument. It accepts signals from transmission and adjustment units or manual control signals of operating units. Cooperating with electric actuators, it can automatically adjust the operating mechanism to complete regulating task. Matched with other units of DDZ type instrument, DFC-1100 is widely used in the adjustment control system of power station, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, mining, light industry and other production process automation.

DFC series electric servo amplifiers can be divided into 2 types: common type and signal-off protection type. When the control signal of the system or the position feedback signal of the actuator is interrupted, the signal-off protection type electric servo amplifier can interrupt the action of the electric actuator, and the trap of the valve stops at the position when the failure occurs.


Type Installation Method Model Input CurrentmA Output CurrentA
Normal Type Wall Hanging DFC-110 II (0-10mA) 10
DFC-1100 III (4-20mA) 10
DFC-112 II (0-10mA) 20
DFC-1120 III (4-20mA) 20
Bracket Mounting DFC-210 II (0-10mA) 10
DFC-2100 III (4-20mA) 10
DFC-212 II (0-10mA) 20
DFC-2120 III (4-20mA) 20
Signal-off Protection Type Wall Hanging DFC-1200 III (4-20mA) 10
DFC-1220 III (4-20mA) 20
Bracket Mounting DFC-2200 III (4-20mA) 10
DFC-2220 III (4-20mA) 20

Main Specifications:

  • Input signal: II Type, 0-10mA, DC; III Type, 4-20 mA, DC;
  • Input channels: 3;
  • Input channel impedance: II Type, 200W; Type III, 250W;
  • Adjustable range of dead zone: 1%-3%;
  • Signal-break identification: <2mA, DC;
  • Power supply: single-phase alternating current, voltage: 220V, frequency: 50Hz±1%
  • Environmental conditions: Temperature: 0-50℃; Relative humidity: 10%-70%; Atmospheric pressure: 86-106KPA; There is no corrosive medium in the air.