SF-ZB Control Module

SF-ZB Control module for Bernard actuators

Control Module SF-ZB


SF-ZB control module is an regulated control circuit developed for compact electric actuators. The module is controlled by a single-chip microcomputer, which realizes automatic adjustment of the motor direction; automatically adapts to the stroke direction. Use the button to demarcate the fully open and fully closed positions without adjusting the potentiometer. Electronic travel limit, electronic judgment and protection. For the failure of the given signal and the failure of the position detection signal, it can accurately judge and protect. With local button manual and remote given signal automatic operation function.

Main Specifications

  1. Adjust (given) input signal: 4~20mA; input resistance 120Ω.
  2. Bit inverse signal output: 4~20mA; output load resistance <750Ω.
  3. Sensitivity: 0.025% (1/4096)
  4. Dead zone value: 1~3%
  5. Positioning error: < soil 1%.
  6. Damping characteristics: no oscillation.
  7. Hysteresis: not more than 0.2S.
  8. Working power supply: single-phase AC60^AC280V. There is no requirement for the power frequency.
  9. Drive motor current: <1.5A. (using 16A thyristor)
  10. Electrical limit range: 0; 100%.
  11. Working environment temperature: -25~75℃.
  12. Ambient humidity: <95%RH.