SG-1M Integrated Electronic Module

Integrated Electronic Module SG-1M for Bernard actuators

Integrated Electronic Module SG-1M


SG-1M integrated electronic module can adapt to various types of DKZ/DKJ actuators. It is with higher-degree IC chips, advanced SMT surface component bonding process and unique circuit shielding technology. The servo system, position transmission system, regulated power supply and power drive are encapsulated in an electrical box with special resin. It is suitable for industrial and mining environments with high humidity, dust and vibration.


  1. Modularization: It integrates the functions of servo amplifier and hand communicator, and the module itself is with manual automatic switching on and offso that it can be operated conveniently on site.
  2. It has reliable electric braking function, which makes the actuator open and stop more reliable.
  3. There is a forward and reverse indicator light on site, which can clearly see the working status of the actuator.
  4. The resin package is dust-proof, moisture-proof and shock-proof to adapt to harsh environments.
  5. With disconnection protection function, when the input signal is broken or less than A DC, it will stop in the original position.

Technical Parameters

1 Power supply: 220V AC 50HZ

2 Input signal: 4—20m ADC

3 Output signal: 4—20m ADC

4 Input impedance: 250Ω.

5 Load capacity: 750Ω

6 Wide range of insensitive zone (dead zone) adjustment.