SGR5053DD Solid State Relay


SGR5053DD/ SGR5053DD Solid State Relay/ SGR5053DD SSR

SGR5053DD Solid State Relay


This is a new type of solid state relay dedicated to the positive and negative control of three-phase motors, which can be used to switch three-phase induction motors with a power of less than 5 KW. The built-in electronic lock circuit can effectively prevent the forward and reverse switches of the solid state relay from being turned on at the same time. When one steering is turned on, the other steering is mistaken to be turned on and the motor stops rotating.

LED light-emitting diodes show the direction of rotation of the three-phase motor, green means forward rotation, red means reverse rotation. The output adopts SCR chip anti-parallel technology and built-in varistor over-voltage absorption loop, which has high over-voltage withstand capability, reliability and durability.

There are two specification options, three-phase two-control: two terminals are connected with SCR positive and negative conversion phase switches, and the other terminal is directly connected with a short-circuit wire. Three-phase three-control: Three terminals are internally connected with thyristor switches, and the ability to withstand overvoltage and anti-interference ability is better than three-phase two-control, with high reliability.

When using solid-state relays, it is recommended to use a suitable radiator and semiconductor-specific fast fuse, and install a temperature control switch for temperature limitation on the radiator.


  • It is dedicated to the forward and reverse rotation control of three-phase induction motors, and the power can reach 7 kW.
  • The blocking voltage is as high as 1400V and can be used in 530V AC circuits.
  • dV/dt>500 V/nS
  • Built-in input electronic lock function.
  • LED input display.
  • Input/output insulation is 2500V.
  • The technology of “vacuum + hydrogen protection” welding chips on the copper substrate.
  • Input control voltage range: DC 10~30V, AC 115V.
  • Using dual SCR anti-parallel as the power output element, with good thermal performance and long life.



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