SHIMADEN Digital Indicator SD16A-490-1000


SHIMADEN Digital Indicators, SD16A-490-1000/ SD16A-890-1000

SHIMADEN Digital Indicator SD16A-490-1000


  • DIN Size 48 x 96 mm
  • ±0.3% High Accuracy Indication
  • Large 20 mm bright display. Make reading from long distance and low light location easier
  • Multi-inputs & Multi-ranges. User selectable Thermocouple, RTD, V, mV and Current inputs A 250W resistor is required across the input terminal for 4-20mA DC
  • Inverse scaling possible. With voltage and current input signals, normal and inverse scaling is possible. Additionally, normal and inverse scaling is possible for the analog output signals.
  • Dust and splash proof front panel. Equivalent to IP66
  • Wide range of optional features. Alarms, analog output signals and communication interface (RS-232C or RS-485: MODBUS /Shimaden) available; Sensor power supply 24V DC available; A six-point selector switch, (the KR16A series), is available for combined use.

Ordering Code

SD16A Ordering Code


communication type EIA RS-232C, RS-485 compatible
Communication system RS-232C, 3-line half duplex system

RS-485, 2-ine half duplex muli-drop (bus) system

Synchronization system Half duplex start-stop synchronization system
Communication distance RS-232C 15 m maximum

RS-485 maximum total of 500 m (differs depending on conditions.)

Communication speed 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200 bps
Transmission procedure No procedure
Communication address 1~100
Number of connectable devices 31 devices max. (for RS-485)
Delay 1-100 msec
Communication protocol Shimaden protocol, MODBUS ASCII, MODBUS RTU

Dimensions & Terminal Arrangement

SD16A Dimensions and Terminal Arrangement