SICOMA ES273 Cement Screw Conveyor


SICOMA Screw Conveyor ES168/219/273/323/407

SICOMA Cement Screw Conveyor

Model: ES168/219/273/323/407


A screw conveyor is a conveyor that transports objects by a rotating spiral blade or a trough that is rotated by itself with an inner spiral surface. Common diameters are 168, 219, 273, 323, 407. The size and angle can be customized according to customer requirements.


  • High quality steel pipe with good overall rigidity;
  • Double pitch blades to reduce the degree of compression during material transport;
  • High-quality gearbox, heavy-duty design, with large torque and low noise;
  • Optional universal ball connection makes steering adjustment easy;
  • With medium-quality bearings and tail bearings, and install easily;
  • Complete specifications, standard parts assembly and convenient transportation.

Screw Conveyor Selection:

SICOMA conveyor selection


SICOMA screw conveyor suspension shaft

These are spiral suspension shafts,  installed between the inner tubes of the screw machine to support and connect the two inner tubes.

SICOMA screw conveyor reducer

These are screw reducers, installed between the motor and the screw feeder, which reduces the motor speed, increases the torque, and drives the driving force to the spiral inner tube.

SICOMA conveyor tail bearing

These are spiral tail bearing, installed at the tail of the screw machine discharge port, which fixedly supports the end of the inner tube.

SICOMA screw conveyor accessories