Single Phase AC Solid State Relay SSR-H380D150

Single Phase AC Solid State Relay SSR-H380D150, SSR-H380D150P, SSR-H380D150e, SSR-H380D150Pe

Single Phase AC Solid State Relay SSR-H380D150/SSR-H380D150P


Solid state relay has been widely used in computer peripheral interface device, electric furnace heating constant temperature system, numerical control machinery, remote control system and industrial automation device; Signal lamp, scintillator, lighting stage light control system; Instruments and meters, medical devices, copiers, automatic washing machines; Automatic fire protection, security system, and power capacitor switching switch as power factor compensation of power grid. In addition, it is widely used in chemical industry, coal mine and other occasions requiring explosion-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion prevention.

Ordering Code

Model Feature Code Meaning
SSR-***D*** Ordinary zero crossing type Number before D: AC voltage level;

Number after D: Current level (effective value);

H: Enhanced type; Without H: Ordinary type;

P: Random type; Without P:  Zero crossing.

SSR-H***D*** Enhanced zero crossing type
SSR-***D***P Ordinary random type
SSR-H***D***P Enhanced random type

Note 1: Zero crossing input is constant current type:DC3-32V(trigger current ≥5mA)(Except vertical 3A type, IN3-12V)

Note 2: Random input is series resistance type:DC4-8(trigger current ≥10mA)

Electrical characteristics

  • Surge current (one week of power grid): 700%
  • Ordinary SSR static voltage rise rate dVs / dt: 100V / µs
  • Ordinary SSR commutation voltage rise rate dVc / dt: 10V / µs
  • Enhanced SSR static voltage rise rate dVs / dt: 100V / µs
  • Enhanced SSR commutation voltage rise rate dVc / dt: 100V / µs
  • 3A.4A.5A.6A SSR leakage current: <2mA
  • SSR leakage current greater than or equal to 10A: <12mA
  • Zero crossing SSR zero crossing area: ± 15V
  • Output on state voltage drop: < 3V
  • Insulation resistance (between input, output and shell) : ≥ 1000MQ
  • Insulation voltage (between input, output and shell) :≥ 1500VAC
  • Operating temperature range: – 30 ℃ – + 75 ℃
  • Zero crossing SSR opening maximum delay: 10 ms
  • Maximum SSR shutdown delay: 10 ms
  • Grid frequency: 50Hz (60Hz)

Model Table

Model Voltage 220VAC 380VAC 480VAC
Current Zero crossing Random Zero crossing Random Zero crossing Random
Ordinary Type Pin type for circuit board 2A SSR-220D02 SSR-220D02P SSR-380D02 SSR-380D02P No 2-6A
3A SSR-220D03 SSR-220D03P SSR-380D03 SSR-380D03P
Vertical 3A SSR-220D3L SSR-220D3LP SSR-380D3L SSR-380D3LP
4A SSR-220D04 SSR-220D04P SSR-380D04 SSR-380D04P
5A SSR-220D05 SSR-220D05P SSR-380D05 SSR-380D05P
6A SSR-220D06 SSR-220D06P SSR-380D06 SSR-380D06P
Rectangular mounting type 10A SSR-220D10 SSR-220D10P SSR-380D10 SSR-380D10P SSR-480D10 SSR-480D10P
25A SSR-220D25 SSR-220D25P SSR-380D25 SSR-380D25P SSR-480D25 SSR-480D25P
40A SSR-220D40 SSR-220D40P SSR-380D40 SSR-380D40P SSR-480D40 SSR-480D40P


Rectangular mounting type 15A SSR-H220D15 SSR-H220D15P SSR-H380D15 SSR-H380D15P SSR-H480D15 SSR-H480D15P
30A SSR-H220D30 SSR-H220D30P SSR-H380D30 SSR-H380D30P SSR-H480D30 SSR-H480D30P
45A SSR-H220D45 SSR-H220D45P SSR-H380D45 SSR-H380D45P SSR-H480D45 SSR-H480D45P
60A SSR-H220D60 SSR-H220D60P SSR-H380D60 SSR-H380D60P SSR-H480D60 SSR-H480D60P
75A SSR-H220D75 SSR-H220D75P SSR-H380D75 SSR-H380D75P SSR-H480D75 SSR-H480D75P
100A SSR-H220D100 SSR-H220D100P SSR-H380D100 SSR-H380D100P SSR-H480D100 SSR-H480D100P
120A SSR-H220D120 SSR-H220D120P SSR-H380D120 SSR-H380D120P SSR-H480D120 SSR-H480D120P
150A SSR-H220D150 SSR-H220D150P SSR-H380D150 SSR-H380D150P SSR-H480D150 SSR-H480D150P
Long strip mounting type 85A SSR-H220D85 SSR-H220D85P SSR-H380D85 SSR-H380D85P SSR-H480D85 SSR-H480D85P
125A SSR-H220D125 SSR-H220D125P SSR-H380D125 SSR-H380D125P SSR-H480D125 SSR-H480D125P
155A SSR-H220D155 SSR-H220D155P SSR-H380D155 SSR-H380D155P SSR-H480D155 SSR-H480D155P
190A SSR-H220D190 SSR-H220D190P SSR-H380D190 SSR-H380D190P SSR-H480D190 SSR-H480D190P
240A SSR-H220D240 SSR-H220D240P SSR-H380D240 SSR-H380D240P SSR-H480D240 SSR-H480D240P
290A SSR-H220D290 SSR-H220D290P SSR-H380D290 SSR-H380D290P SSR-H480D290 SSR-H480D290P
350A SSR-H220D350 SSR-H220D350P SSR-H380D350 SSR-H380D350P SSR-H480D350 SSR-H480D350P
400A SSR-H220D400 SSR-H220D400P SSR-H380D400 SSR-H380D400P SSR-H480D400 SSR-H480D400P
500A SSR-H220D500 SSR-H220D500P SSR-H380D500 SSR-H380D500P SSR-H480D500 SSR-H480D500P

Note 1: SSR with leakage current less than 1mA can be customized, “+e”after the model code,  for example, SSR-220D10e.

Note 2: The above SSR has RC absorption circuit inside. If it is used for power expansion and there is no RC circuit inside, it should “+ e” after the model. For example, SSR-380D02E, SSR-380D02PE, SSR-380D06E, SSR-380D06PE(control signal IN 3-12V)

Overall dimension drawing