Single Phase EMI Filter DNF05-H-5A


DNF05-H-5A Single Phase EMI Filter; AERODEV EMI FILTER DNF05-H-5A

DNF05 Series Single Phase EMI Filter 


Has excellent insertion losses with low leakage current. The structure is compact and easy to install. Several Connection ways can be selected, such as wire, bolt and fast on connector.  Applicable to switching power supplies, UPS and other industrial automatic- control equipment. CE approved and Customization is accepted.


  • Compact, easy to install, widely used in many industries
  • DNF05-H Series is two stage filter with excellent insertion losses
  • CE approved
  • Customization accepted

Technical Parameters:

Type Rated




Hi-Pot Test Voltage Cx(μF)












Leakage Current


250V  50Hz

Line-Line Line-Ground
DNF05-G-10A 250V-50/60Hz 10A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.1 3.3 3.0 0.68 <0.75mA
DNF05-20A 250V-50/60Hz 20A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.47 3.3 0.6 1.0 <0.75mA
DNF05-H-3A 250V-50/60Hz 3A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.15 4.7 1.4 0.68 <1.1mA
DNF05-H-5A 250V-50/60Hz 5A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.15 4.7 0.8 0.68 <1.1mA
DNF05-H-10A 250V-50/60Hz 10A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.15 4.7 0.6 0.68 <1.1mA
DNF05-H-15A 250V-50/60Hz 15A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.15 4.7 0.65 0.68 <1.1mA

Electrical Schematic:



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