Single Phase EMI Filter DNF20-SG-0.5A


DNF20-SG-0.5A Single Phase EMI Filter; AERODEV EMI FILTER DNF20-SG-0.5A

DNF20 Series Single Phase EMI Filter 


Has small size with compact structure, easily to be installed on PCB board. Complete in specifications, strong compatibility, current range varies from 0.5-20A. Widely used for controlling EMI from PCB. Customization is accepted.


  • Compact, PCB mounted
  • Widely used for controlling EMI from PCB
  • CE approved
  • Customization accepted

Technical Parameters:

Type Rated




Hi-Pot Test Voltage Cx(μF)












Leakage Current


250V  50Hz

Line-Line Line-Ground
DNF20-SG-0.5A 250V-50/60Hz 0.5A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.22 10 10.0 1.0 <1.5mA
DNF20-SG-1A 250V-50/60Hz 20A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.1 2.2 10.0 / <0. 5mA
DNF20-SG-4A 250V-50/60Hz 3A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.1 3.3 2.0 0.68 <0.75mA
DNF20-SG-H-1A 250V-50/60Hz 5A 1800VDC,2s 1800V-50/60Hz,2s 0.047 2.2 1.0 / <0.5mA

Electrical Schematic:


Installation Instructions:

1) Good electrical connection is needed between filter casing and equipment shell.

2) Connecting the filter’s input and output according to the provision on the label of LINE and LOAD.

3) The input wiring and the output wiring should be strictly separated, cannot be bundled together.


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