Single Phase EMI Filter PNF201-GF-10A


PNF201-GF-10A Single Phase EMI Filter; AERODEV EMI FILTER PNF201-GF-10A; PNF201-GF-10A LACCDZC

Single Phase EMI Filter PNF201-GF-10A


  • PNF201-GF Series IEC-inlet and fuse container
  • PNF201-GFS Series IEC-inlet, switch and fuse container
  • Compact, easy for installation, applicable to the electronics instrument, diversity choice for different parameters
  • CE approved, Customization accepted

Technical Parameters:

Type Rated Voltage Hi-Pot
Line-Line Line- Ground
PNF201 Series 250V~50/60Hz 1500VDC,2s 1500VAC,2s

Electrical Schematic:


Installation Instructions:

1) Good electrical connection is needed between filter casing and equipment shell.

2) Connecting the filter’s input and output according to the provision on the label of LINE and LOAD.




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