Smart Solid State Relay H3100SK

XIMADEN Smart Solid State Relay, Smart SSR H3100SK

XIMADEN Smart Solid State Relay H3100SK


  • Intelligent monitoring system status to assist in fault diagnosis
  • Fault alarm in case of open circuit of main circuit or load and short circuit of solid state relay
  • Green LED status indicator and cascadable OD gate status output
  • The wide trigger voltage of 4-32 VOC can meet a variety of control requirements
  • Powerful power terminal and supporting DIN rail radiator
  • Low thermal resistance copper porcelain bonding (DCB) base plate

Model and Specifications

Model Rated Current Load voltage Control voltage Operation mode Sizes Hole spacing State output
Supply voltage Output current On state impedance
H375SK 75A 45~450VAC 4~32V Zero-crossing 65x49x35mm Ф5mm


12~24VDC 0.1A 2W
H3100SK 100A 65x49x32mm
  • When the main circuit voltage is lower than 150 VAC, SSR can work correctly, but the alarm status is no longer valid.
  • When the connection between SSR and load is long (more than 30m), the open circuit of the load cannot be detected.

Circuit Schematic Diagram

SK SSR Circuit