Solid State Relay SKKT60/16E

Solid State Relay, SKKT60/16E, SEMIKRON, 1600V, 60A

SEMIKRON SKKT60/16E Solid State Relay


Solid state relay has been widely used in computer peripheral interface device, electric furnace heating constant temperature system, numerical control machinery, remote control system and industrial automation device; Signal lamp, scintillator, lighting stage light control system; Instruments and meters, medical devices, copiers, automatic washing machines; Automatic fire protection, security system, and power capacitor switching switch as power factor compensation of power grid. In addition, it is widely used in chemical industry, coal mine and other occasions requiring explosion-proof, moisture-proof and corrosion prevention.


  • The shell is made of imported PC material, with high strength, high temperature resistance, no fading and no pollution.
  • Nickel high-density screws, the screw height can be selected;
  • Red copper base plate, good heat dissipation and strong overcurrent capability;
  • International screw fixing, easy installation.