Swirl Nozzle 3/4 316L SS


Spiral Nozzle/ Conical Nozzle 3/4 316L SS

Swirl Nozzle for Concrete Mixer


A new type of cone spray nozzle with a spray angle range of 60°-170° and a flow range of 5.5-4140 liters/min. Currently widely used in the environmental protection industry. This series of nozzles has a smooth flow path design to avoid liquid blockage and achieves maximum flow and maximum coverage under the same conditions.

Spiral nozzles can be installed or replaced on most piping systems. The nozzles are NPT or BSPT (outer) thread type. Typically, 1/4″ – 4″ nozzles are made from Cu, 304SS, 316L, PVDF, PP or silicon carbide.

Application range:

Exhaust gas desulfurization, Gas cooling, Evaporation cooling, Washing and rinsing, Dust removal , Fire extinguishing