SR83-1I-N-90-116070 PID Temperature Controller SHIMADEN


SR83-1I-N-90-1150500/ SR83-1I-N-90-10000/ SR83-1P-N-90-114050/ SR83-1I-N-90-116050/ SR83-1I-N-90-116070/ SR83-1P-N-90-10000/ SR83-1V-N-90-10000/ SR83-1Y-N-90-10000/ SR83-1P-N-90-114450/ SR83-1P-N-90-114650

SR83 Series SHIMADEN Digital Thermostat Regulator


Front panel construction achieves IP66 dustproof and waterproof rating

SR83 series with large PV display in 20 mm font

Accuracy ± (0.25% FS +1 bit)

Heating and cooling Dual output control function (SR83 SR84 only), external reference function

SR83 series can correspond to CC-Link network communication

Code Selection Table:

SR83 Code Selection

Overall Dimensions: