SRS11A-8PN-90-N1600 Digital Controller SHIMADEN


SRS11 SHIMADEN Digital Controller, SRS11A-8IN-90-N1600/ SRS11A-8YN-90-N1600/ SRS11A-8PN-90-N1600/ SRS11A-8VN-90-N1600

SRS11A SHIMADEN Digital Controller


It is a newly introduced temperature control instrument with a fixed value adjustment and a program adjustment.

There are 4 settings, the program has four curves, and each curve has 8 steps which can be programmed.

Two alarms, free switching between automatic and manual, output limiting, powerful, but low-cost.


  • Multi-input and multi-range performance
  • Small instrument depths (62mm -65mm) save space, thus securing a larger installation area.
  • SV setting: 3 points
  • PID Value: 3 types
  • 2-output heating and cooling control available (optional)
  • Total 32 steps Program available (optional); (1-4 pattern, 32-8 step)
  • RS-485 Interface available (optional); (Master/slave function, Modbus/Shimaden Protocol)
  • Heater break/heater loop alarm (optional)
  • A wide selection of additional functions (optional) is available to suit various needs.
  • Possible to switch off SV/PV value by key operation
  • Parameter mask (non-display) /lock (key lock) function

Code Selection Table:

SRS11A Ordering Code

Overall Dimensions:

SRS11A 12A Dimensions