ST-2DK Control Board A303T


ST-2DK/ST-2DK Control Board/ Electric Actuator Control Board ST-2DK A303T/ Bernard Control Board A303T

ST-2DK Control Board A303T

Performance and Features

  1. The SH-N series of electronic electric actuators are intelligent electronic integration and are suitable for a variety of control modes. They can not only accept continuous 4-20mA DC control signals, but also accept switch signals to achieve remote jog or remote self-holding , no distinguishing the switch type or the regulating type.
  2. It is convenient to use the local operation button to debug, no need to open the cover. The actuator can control, set and diagnose all functions and parameters remotely and locally.
  3. Far-infrared remote control, LED digital display, intuitive man-machine interface and convenient operation.
  4. When three-phase 380V power supply, with dynamic phase loss protection, phase sequence identification and automatic phase correction.

Main technical parameters

  1. Input signal: 4-20mA DC input switch value passive contact signal
  2. Position output signal: current 4-20mA DC load ≤600Ω, output switch signal two groups of 30V DC 1A or 125V AC 0.5A
  3. Basic error: ≤±1.5%, return difference ≤1%
  4. Dead zone: 0.5%-5% continuously adjustable
  5. Damping characteristics: no swing.
  6. Power supply voltage: 220V AC 50Hz

380V AC 50Hz

  1. Use environment: temperature -20℃~70℃

Humidity≤85% The surrounding air does not contain corrosive substances

  1. Protection level: IP65


  1. When the actuator is installed, there should be enough space around it to facilitate manual operation, adjustment and inspection on site.
  2. The actuator should be installed on a concrete or metal frame and firmly secured with anchor screws. The output arm and the fixed object are connected by connecting rods and special hinges, and the connection gap should not be too large.
  3. Check the insulation of each conductive part with a 500V megger, and check the wiring of the actuator.
  4. The actuator has been greased when leaving the factory.