STL-C-2000 Load Cell


STL-C Series Load Cell are used for concrete raw materials weighing.

STL-C Series Load Cell


Load cells are used for concrete raw materials weighing, installed on the weighing hopper. The mixing station is usually distinguished from the installation method for two kinds: S-load cell and cantilever beam sensor. S-load cell is often used for weighing of stone, sand, admixtures and water. While shear beam sensor is commonly used for the weighing of cement and powder external additives.

Main Advantages:

  • Use high-quality sensors for high weighing accuracy;
  • Unique structure, easy to install on various silos;
  • Three types of top plate structure(fixed, semi-floating, full-floating) can eliminate the weighing error caused by tank expansion due to thermal expansion and contraction;
  • Support bolts to prevent equipment from tipping;
  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Simple and quick installation;
  • Easy to maintain, saving downtime and maintenance time;
  • Adaptable to harsh environments.

Technical Parameters:

Rated Load:0.05,0.1,0.2,0.3,0.5 ,1, 2,3,5t


Zero Balance:1%F.S.

Total Error: ±0.02%F.S.

Operating Temp. Range: -30-+70℃

Recommended Excitation:10~12V(DC)

Material: Stainless steel

Application: Proportional scale, Hopper weigher, Packing scale


STL load cell dimensions

Installation Diagram:

STL Installation Diagram

Installation requirements:

  1. Equipped with safety protection device.
  2. Mounting surface height difference of the load cells in one balance should be not exceeding 10mm.
  3. The threads of load cell fittings should be covered by lubricant for post-maintenance.
  4. Fitting screw screwing in the load cell at least 6 screw threads(Ensure 2-3 mm fitting screw shown after screwing into load cell).
  5. Load cell and the fitting should be vertically stressed.
  6. Joint bearing and fittings must be vertical to each other(please refer to the enclosed drawing).
  7. Tighten the lock nuts after installing the load cell.

Warning:Safety protection device must be equipped;Vertical Mounting surfaces height difference should not be exceeding 10 mm.