STY-380D150F Voltage Regulating Module

Fully Isolated Three-phase AC Voltage Regulating Module, STY-380D150F, KEJIKEYI

Transformer Module TB-3

STY-380D150F Voltage Regulating Module

With the support of three-phase synchronous transformer module TB-3, which is also internal working power supply, STY series three-phase AC voltage regulating module can be automatically controlled or manually controlled by external potentiometer without any external circuit and working power supply, so as to achieve stepless adjustment of three-phase load voltage from 0V to the full voltage of the grid by changing the thyristor conduction angle.

It is applied to 380VAC, 50HZ three-phase power grid. According to different control signals, it is divided into four types: E, F, G, H.

——— CON 0-5V: E CON 0-10V: F CON 4-20mA: G CON 1-5V: H
35A STY-380D35E STY-380D35F STY-380D35G STY-380D35H
75A STY-380D75E STY-380D75F STY-380D75G STY-380D75H
120A STY-380D120E STY-380D120F STY-380D120G STY-380D120H
150A STY-380D150E STY-380D150F STY-380D150G STY-380D150H


STY Dimensions