TAM2 Position Transmitter Module


TAM2 / TAM2 Position Transmitter Module/ TAM2 Position Transmitter Module for Bernard Electric Actuator

TAM2 Position Transmitter Module

When the control signal and valve position feedback signal are disconnected, the actuator position can be set arbitrarily. It is with “electric braking” function, that is, when the actuator is close to the control balance point, it can automatically generate electrical braking to prevent overshoot and vibration. The “anti-blocking” function means that when the actuator is stuck during the “open” or “close” process of the valve, the blocking recognition time is exceeded, and the motor is stopped to protect the motor. Various parameter adjustments, settings, calibrations and other operations are completely set by keys. Simultaneously display the percentage value of control input and valve position input. LED indicates working status. The two-point calibration of the actuator “fully open” and “fully closed” is carried out using the button setting. No need to use potentiometer to adjust zero point and full range.