Three Phase EMI Filter DNF55-Y-3x40A


DNF55-Y-3x40A Three Phase EMI Filter; AERODEV EMI FILTER DNF55-Y-3x40A;

Three Phase EMI Filter DNF55-Y-3x40A


  • High performance
  • Excellent characteristics of electromagnetic interference suppression
  • Customization accepted

Technical Parameters:

Type Rated Voltage Rated Current Hi-Pot Test Voltage
Line-Line Line-Ground
DNF55-Y-3x40A 440V-50/60Hz 40A 1800VDC,2s 2000V-50/60Hz,2s
DNF55-Y-3x60A 440V-50/60Hz 60A 1800VDC,2s 2000V-50/60Hz,2s
DNF55-Y-3x80A 440V-50/60Hz 80A 1800VDC,2s 2000V-50/60Hz,2s

Electrical Schematic:

DNF55 Electrical Schematic


DNF55 Dimensions

Installation Instructions:

1) Good electrical connection is needed between filter casing and equipment shell.

2) Connecting the filter’s input and output according to the provision on the label of LINE and LOAD.

3 )  The input wiring and the output wiring should be strictly separated, cannot be bundled together.