V1kit Main Controller

V1kit-220V Main Controller, V1kit-main 220V

V1kit Main Controller

Main technical parameters

  1. Input signal: 4-20mA
  2. Input resistance 250 ohms
  3. Output signal: 4-20mA, the input signal and output signal are isolated, the user does not need an isolation module
  4. Output resistance: 0-500 ohms (0-750 ohms for special needs)
  5. Feedback potentiometer: 0-1K ohm
  6. Basic error: ±1%
  7. Dead zone: 0-3% adjustable
  8. Power supply voltage: 220V±10%
  9. Ambient temperature: -25℃-+55℃
  10. Relative humidity: ≤90% (no condensation)

Main functions

  1. Operation mode: Forward: 4mA valve is closed, 20mA valve is open; Reverse: 4mA valve is open, 20mA valve is closed.
  2. Interrupt hold: When the signal is lost, the actuator can be kept in place, closed or opened, and the actuator is set to stay in place by the interrupt signal at the factory.
  3. Manual operation: The manual operation of this machine is to make the module simulate a 4-20mA input signal, so that the actuator can be manually adjusted to be fully open or fully closed.
  4. 0% position: the module 0%is to make the actuators fully closed.
  5. 100% position: The module 100%is to make the actuator fully opened.
  6. Short-circuit terminals 19 and 34 to turn off automatic control and switch to manual operation. Short-circuit terminals 34 and 35 for manual shutdown operation, and short-circuit terminals 34 and 36 for manual open-direction operation. The remote control takes priority over the automatic control, when the controller is in the remote control position, the automatic control is blocked and does not work. The remote control is in the jog state.
  7. Actuator running direction: in the standard form: the actuator (facing the output shaft) is turned on clockwise

The DIP switch can change the control (change the rotation direction of the motor) to turn the actuator counterclockwise to open, and change the direction of the limit switch and torque switch at the same time.

  1. Electric brake configuration: GAMX-2005 module 220VAC and 380VAC

Single-phase power supply (220VAC) with electric brake.