VBE/VBIE Vibrating Bin Aerator


VBE: aluminum shaft 28.00USD
VBIE: stainless steel shaft 38.00USD
VBE/ VBIE Vibrating Bin Aerator

The VBE/ VBIE vibratory bin aerator, by importing the silicon disc mounted on the inner wall of the container,  provides airflow impact and imparts vibration energy to the inner wall of the container, which can generate two actions of blowing and vibrating, and helps the flow of granular and powdery materials. The unique shape design will not damage the hopper even if it is strong abrasive materials. Moreover, since the gas is 2 to 6 bar, no material will be under the silicon disc. The vibration intensity of the silicon disc can be adjusted by adjusting the working pressure from 2 bar to 6 bar. The air consumption is small due to the intermittent operation mode with a maximum interval of 5 seconds.


Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 250 × 150 × 100 mm