VFS250 Powder Butterfly Valve



Model Number:V2FS250GBN-WF
Path: DN250
Sealing form: soft seal
Sealing material: rubber NBR
Connection type: flange
Body material: Alloy aluminum

VFS250GBN-WF Pneumatic Double Flange Powder Butterfly Valve

VFS is mainly used to switch bins, hoppers and silos containing powdered or granular materials; It can be applied to all powdered and granular materials. The valve uses material gravity to shut off the flow and pneumatically transport dry material.It can be installed underneath hoppers, bins, silos, screw conveyor or other types of conveyors, as well as connecting the pneumatic conveying pipe.

Name: Pneumatic Powder Butterfly Valve
Model: VFS-250GBN-WF
Components: butterfly valve body, pneumatic actuator, signal feeder, solenoid valve
Drive form: Electromagnetic pneumatic
Air pressure: 0-8BAR
Line pressure: 0-0.2BAR
Path: DN100-400 4 “-16” inches
Pipeline temperature: standard seal -20-+80 degrees (ethylene propylene rubber and silicone working temperature up to 120 degrees to 180 degrees)
Connection type: flange
Structure: double flange + detachable feeding mouth
Body material: aluminum alloy
Valve plate material: ductile iron (Another dust-proof rubber valve plate, stainless steel 304 valve plate optional)
Standard solenoid valve: DN100-DN300 with 4V210 (optional imported V5V80 solenoid valve)
DN350-DN400 with 4V310 (optional imported V5V40 solenoid valve)
Solenoid valve control voltage: 24VDC, 110VAC, 220VAC
Standard signal feedback device: MIC23
Standard pneumatic actuator: DN100-DN150 supporting CP063 actuator
DN200-DN300 supporting CP101 actuator
DN350-DN400 supporting CP126 actuator
Pneumatic actuators should be equipped with an increase number 1 under heavy load
Installation Dimension


Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 400 × 350 × 150 mm