VOT-3 Valve Position Transmitter Module

Position Transmitter Module VOT-3, VOT-III

Valve Position Transmitter Module VOT-III

Models: VOT-2; VOT-II; VOT-3; VOT-III; VOT-4; VOT-6; VOT-8


VOT-III (Valve Position Transmitter) is used for electric valve, electric damper, electric actuator or manual valve with mechanical deceleration device.

In process control of manual valve with signal head, the real-time opening of the valve 0~100% is usually expressed as 4~20mA, which can be read out by the upper control system, so that it can be easily communicated with automatic instruments, PCs, PLCs, etc. to form a monitoring system.

VOT-III valve position current transmitter is the standard product of SMC, 00M, QT, QB and other series of electric actuators. At the same time, as a standard product VOT-III conforms to the corresponding national standards in the industry, and can be combined with various electric actuators.


VOT-III valve position current transmitter adopts the latest power integrated power technology and high-precision integrated operational amplifier technology, and has a certain ability to resist environmental interference. It can be directly connected to AC 190~250V power supply without transformer and voltage stabilizer. Ultra-small design, suitable for small spaces, and easy to install.

Technical parameters:

Output signal: 4~20mA DC;

Accuracy: +0.5%;

Input resistance: 0~1KΩ;

Load resistance: <300Ω;

Power supply: AC 190~250V, 50Hz;

Working environment: -20~40℃.