VP-K526 Positioner

VP-K526 Positioner, VP-K526 Valve Controlling Module, VP-K5-266E-1 Positioner

VP-K5-266E-1 Positioner


This series of electric valve intelligent positioner is an intelligent signal acquisition and control system with an industrial single-chip microcomputer as the core. It is small in size and can be installed in the junction box of the electric actuator or fixed outside by DIN rail. It can directly receive industrial instruments or computers, etc. Output 4~20mA or 0-10V signal. It can do accurate positioning operation for various electric actuator valves and devices with internal potentiometer feedback. It can freely calibrate the angle (or displacement) of the electric actuator, and at the same time output the feedback conversion signal of the actuator angle position (or displacement) by 4~20mA or 0-10V. And can accurately set the lower and upper limit value of the angular position of the actuator.

Electrical performance indicators

  • Power supply voltage: DC18-42V/AC15-32V/AC85-250V
  • Power consumption: <3W Motor load
  • Working ambient temperature: rated -25—65°C Light load: -45—85°C
  • Ambient relative humidity: <90%RH Fault alarm method: relay dry contact, contact AC 2A/250V (PCB type)
  • Temperature monitoring: product core temperature can be viewed
  • Actuator stall protection: 5-60 seconds can be set
  • Input signal type: DC voltage or current
  • Input signal impedance: 120Ω (4-20mA); 13KΩ (0-10V); 16KΩ (1-5V)
  • Input signal acquisition accuracy: 0.1%
  • Input signal temperature Coefficient: <20ppm/℃
  • Output signal impedance: 0Ω (4-20mA) constant current source;
  • 01–2mA (0-10V/1-5V) constant voltage source
  • Output signal conversion accuracy: 0.1%
  • Output signal temperature Coefficient: <60ppm/°C
  • Feedback potentiometer resistance: 1K-10ΚΩ
  • Potentiometer signal acquisition accuracy: 0.1%
  • Potentiometer signal temperature Coefficient: <20ppm/°C
  • Motor positioning accuracy: 0.1%
  • Hysteresis repeatability accuracy: 0.1%
  • Product life: >5 years or 20000 hours (0-35°C)
  • Product dimensions: Universal: 72*57*44mm (length, width and height)
  • Power type: user specified, and larger than 72*57*44mm (length, width and height)
  • PCB type: user specified