Weighing Indicator XK3101


Weighing Indicator XK3101

Weighing Indicator XK3101


Model: XK3101

Brand: SANY

Working Voltage: DC24V

Accuracy Level: III, n=3000

Input signal range: 0mV~25mV

Net input signal range: 0.1mV~20mV

Nonlinear: ≤0.01% F.S

Full-scale temperature coefficient: ≤8PPM/°C

Function: Weighing display instrument

Apply for HZS90, HZS120E, HZS120G, HZS150, HZS180, HZS270

Working Principle Diagram:

XK3101 weighing display controller consists of a display control module and a sensor data acquisition module. The modules are connected by a CAN bus.

XK3101 Working principle diagram