WF-S Position Transmitter Module

Position Transmitter Module WF-S, 28V

WF-S Position Transmitter Module


WF-S position transmitter module is widely used in electric power, petroleum, chemical industry, coal mine, steel, light industrial machinery, paper printing and dyeing, brewing, electronics, textile, plastic, sewage treatment, intelligent building construction, aerospace base, electroplating, solar photovoltaic power generation, new energy etc..

WF-S position transmitter module is a conversion unit in electric actuator that converts position signal into electrical signal. This electrical signal can directly reflect the opening of the valve position. As an important on-site monitoring signal, it is directly sent to the computer or control instrument in the control room, so that the control personnel can keep abreast of the valve opening of the on-site pipeline.

The module adopts advanced integrated circuits and has the characteristics of compact structure, stable operation, high conversion accuracy, small drift, and good constant current performance.

Main Specifications

Input signal: 0~2kΩ conductive plastic potentiometer

Output signal: 4~20mA DC 0-10mADC

Constant current load: ≤750Ω

Ambient temperature: -10℃~55℃

Power supply: 28V AC

Encapsulation: injection molding shell, epoxy resin potting