WLF6G2 Explosion-proof Limit Switch


WLF6G2 Explosion-proof Limit Switch, WLF6G2 Limit Switch, NOROM WLF6G2

WLF6 Series Mini Terminal Desktop Explosion-proof Limit Switch


  • The terminal desktop is used to improve the workability of wiring.
  • The temperature level is T6 (above 85 ° C, below 100 ° C), and the explosion level is IIC (hydrogen, sulfur dioxide), which has a wide application range.
  • Its structures that can be used outdoors.
  • The external screws are stainless steel. (However, the spring washer terminal of the earth terminal uses brass nickel plating)
  • The main body is coated with oxygen-reducing resin with excellent corrosion resistance and heat resistance.
  • The rubber material uses weather-resistant and ozone-resistant silicone rubber.
  • Wide using temperature range of -20 ℃ ~ + 70 ℃.



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