XK3110-A Weighing Indicator


XK3110-A Weighing Indicator/XK3110-A Weighing Controller/ XK3110-A Ingredients Display Controller/  XK3110-A Automatic Batching Controller

XK3110-A Weighing Indicator


  • Integrate weighing display and batching controller
  • With RS485 communication interface, can realize online group control (optional)
  • With RS232 printing interface, real-time printing of batching data can be realized (optional)
  • Provide complete material batching control function (both local and remote control can be fully controlled)
  • Can control the number of tank
  • Automatic zero tracking
  • Button tare function
  • Automatic peeling function
  • With manual prefabrication and automatic correction of the drop
  • Flexible weighing, tare weight can be updated separately

Wiring Diagram:

XK3110-A XK3160-A1 Wiring Diagram


XK3110-A XK3160-A1 Dimensions

XK3110-A Weighing Indicator MANUAL


Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 160 × 120 × 80 mm