XK3120-C Weighing Indicator


XK3120-C Weighing Indicator/XK3120-C Weighing Controller/ XK3120-C Ingredients Display Controller/  XK3120-C Automatic Batching Controller

XK3120-C Weighing Indicator


XK3120-C ingredients weighing indicator is mainly used for construction,metallurgy,packaging, feed,petrochemical,tobacco and other industries.

Technical Specifications

  • Power:AC 220V or 10V (-15%~+10%)50Hz (+2%)
  • Operating temperature:-10℃-40℃
  • Relative humidity:<90%
  • Power consumption:<10W
  • Sensor type:Resistance strain pressure sensor
  • Sensor for bridge voltage:DC5V
  • Weighing range:5KG-3000KG
  • Can be equipped with material types:1-6 kinds
  • Sampling speed:50-60 times/s
  • Non-linearity error:<0.01%full scale

Main Features:

  • 6 LED digital main display,2 LED digital sub-display
  • 3 LED light for working status.
  • Dual filter with analog and digita
  • Automatically and manually batching.
  • Can be paused at any time,and continue to work after restart.
  • Automatic to 0 before the start of the ingredients
  • Can control 1 to 6 kinds of materials or 1 to 3 kinds of coarse and fine materials
  • 10 sets of recipe information can be preset,and can modify the formula
  • Check drop,save and lock it automatically
  • After adiusting, then can be locked and unlocked.
  • One-click to adjust,or restore the factory data.
  • Date and time settings,display and print(B type dedicated)
  • Printing manually and automaticly.
  • Automatic alarming when setting or acquisited data is wrong.
  • Automatic alarming when sensor data is illegal or disturbed
  • Automatic counting the quantity of batching
  • Discharge method(one-way discharge,two-way discharge)
  • With RS-232 communication interface (need to be customized)
  • With printer interface (need to be customized)

Wiring Diagram:

XK3120C Wiring Diagram


XK3120C Dimensions

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 160 × 120 × 80 mm