YD80M2-4/2 Change-pole Multi-speed Induction Motor

YD80M2-4/2 Variable-pole Multi-speed Asynchronous Motor

YD Series Change-pole Multi-speed Three Phase Induction Motor

YD series change-pole multi-speed three phase induction motors have a single winding, through change the connection of wires, the motor changed to different poles, thus it runs under different speed with different output power.

YD series motors have lots of futures such as large starting torque, excellent performance, low noise and vibration, high reliability, easy operation and etc. YD series motors are widely used in the mechanism which needs stepped一speed adjustment, such as compressors, machining equipments, transportation system, agricultural mechanism, food processing mechanism etc. We also supply special designed multi-speed motors according to customers’ unique requirements.

Operating conditions of YD series motors are the same as Y2 series three phase asynchronous motors.