YEJ80M1-2 Electromagnetic Braking Induction Motor

YEJ80M1-2 Electromagnetic Braking Induction Motor 0.75KW/ 1HP

YEJ Series Electromagnetic Braking Induction Motor


YEJ series electromagnetic braking induction motors is a kind of totally enclosed fan-cooled squirrel-cage three phase asynchronous motors, it was designed according to IEC standard and has a lot of features such as prompt braking, compact structure, high efficiency, energy saving, high reliability, large starting torque etc. Besides, the brake of the motor has a manual release device, which allows the brake a junction of both manual release and electromagnetic release and is convenient for operation.

YEJ series motors are suitable for mechanism that requires prompt braking, accurate positioning, repeat running, and frequent starting and avoid slipping. Such as elevating machinery, transportation machinery, packing machinery, food machinery, printing machinery, reducers etc.

Principle and structure: the DC brake disc is assembled on the non-drive end shaft of the motor, when supplied with power, the brake works simultaneously, the electromagnetic force attracts the armature and presses the spring, thus the brake disc is released from armature and endshield, then the motor begins to run; When the power supply is interrupted, electromagnetic force lost, the spring pushes the armature to the brake disc, the motor stops immediately, a braking action finished. YEJ series motors have derived series such as YDEJ series multi-speed electromagnetic braking three phase induction motors and YVFEJ series variable frequency electromagnetic braking three phase induction motors.