ZAC28U-B301-200-11 Three-phase Zero-crossing Power Regulator


ZAC28U-B301-200-11 SSR Three-phase Zero Switch

ZAC28U Series Three-phase Zero Switch


ZAC28U three-phase zero-crossing power regulator is also called three-phase solid state relay module. It is simple to operate, easy to maintain, small and light. The three solid-state relays can be replaced, avoiding the disadvantages of the dangerous concentration of the integrated module. European style safety dustproof structure makes the appearance generous. Red and blue LED lights lets the working status clear at a glance. The blade heat sink is 30% more efficient than a conventional heat sink. The built-in RC capacitor (RC circuit) can improve the inverter’s interference ability in the industrial field and reduce the impact of the open current on the solid state relay. Other functions include: over temperature alarm and output of the radiator, automatic fan start, and can control the industrial resistive load.

Technical Parameters:

Model Nominal Current Rated Current Dimensions


Pitch Cooling Method
ZAC28U-40A 40A 40A 207*125*210 Ф6mm 190*115mm Natural Cooling
ZAC28U-60A 60A 50A 245*130*210 Ф6mm 288*110mm Air Cooling
ZAC28U-80A 80A 70A
ZAC28U-120A 120A 90A 310*130*210 Ф6mm 290*110mm Air Cooling
ZAC28U-150A 150A 95A
ZAC28U-B301-200-11 200A 100A 310*130*210 Ф10mm 290*110mm Air Cooling
ZAC28U-B301-250-11 250A 130A
ZAC28U-B301-300-11 300A 150A
ZAC28U-B301-340-11 340A 180A
ZAC28U-B361-400-11 400A 200A 310*130*210 Ф10mm 340*140mm Air Cooling
ZAC28U-B400-400-11 400A 200A 310*130*210 Ф10mm 355*250mm Air Cooling
ZAC28U-B400-500-11 500A 300A

Wiring Diagram:

ZAC28U Wiring Diagram

Overall Dimensions: