ZAC29C-B301-300-11 Three-phase CYC-Zero Switch


ZAC29C-B301-300-11 SSR Three-phase Zero Switch

ZAC29C Series Three-phase Zero-crossing Power Regulator


ZAC29C is the most widely used three-phase zero-crossing power regulator for industrial electric heating. PLC and instrument connector are general, 4-20mA and PW M two inputs; PWM or cycle CYC two outputs; European style safety dustproof structure, beautiful appearance; red blue green LED lights, working status at a glance.

Technical Parameters:

Model Nominal Current Rated Current Dimensions


Pitch Cooling Method
ZAC29C-40A 40A 40A 170*130*210 Ф6mm 190*115mm Natural Cooling
ZAC29C-60A 60A 50A 295*130*210 Ф6mm 288*110mm Air Cooling
ZAC29C-80A 80A 70A
ZAC29C-120A 120A 90A 310*130*210 Ф6mm 293*110mm Air Cooling
ZAC29C-150A 150A 95A
ZAC29C-B301-200-11 200A 100A 310*250*240 Ф9mm 290*140mm Air Cooling
ZAC29C-B301-250-11 250A 125A
ZAC29C-B301-300-11 300A 150A
ZAC29C-B301-340-11 340A 170A
ZAC29C-B361-400-11 400A 200A 360*250*270 Ф9mm 340*140mm Air Cooling
ZAC29C-B361-500-11 500A 240A
ZAC29C-B400-400-11 400A 220A 370*390*285 Ф9mm 355*245mm Air Cooling
ZAC29C-B400-500-11 500A 260A
ZAC29C-CS600-400-11 400A 220A 370*341*270 Ф9mm 335*315mm Air Cooling
ZAC29C-CS600-500-11 500A 330A

Wiring Diagram:

ZAC29C Wiring Diagram

Overall Dimensions:

ZAC29C Dimensions