381RSB-20 Electronic Electric Actuator

Electronic Electric Actuator, 381RSB-20

381RSB-20 Electronic Electric Actuator


3810 series electronic electric actuators use 220V AC single-phase power supply as the driving power supply and receive 4-20mADC, or 1-5VDC input signals from computer regulators or operators to operate. It is with servo system, so no need to be equipped with a servo amplifier. The key component “controller” adopts advanced hybrid integrated circuits and is cured by resin casting. After aging treatment, it has high reliability, moisture-proof and shock-proof. Use the potentiometer to adjust the zero point, stroke and sensitivity, which is convenient and easy to operate; use the function switch to arbitrarily select the three states of positive and negative action, and select the off signal. At the same time, the actuator has three protection functions such as overload protection, temperature protection and compression spring to ensure that the valve is tightly closed. It is a product with high reliability, which can be combined with various straight stroke and angular stroke adjustment valves to form an electric control valve.

3410 series electronic electric actuator is driven by 220V AC single-phase power supply, the input signal adopts 220V AC switch, the motor adopts AC reversible single-phase gear reduction motor, and the opening detection adopts precision conductive plastic positioner, which can be used with various direct stroke and angular stroke adjustment valves to form switch-controlled electric actuators.


Type 3810L series 3410Lseries Rated output force N Speed mm/s Maximum stroke mm
Normal type 381LS A-08 341LS A-08 800 4.2 30
381LSA-20 341LSA-20 2000 2.1
381LSB-30 341LSB-30 3000 3.5 60
381LS B-50 341LS B-50 5000 1.7
381LSC-65 341LSC-65 6500 3.4 100
381LSC-99 341LSC-99 10000 2.0
381LSC-160 341LSC-160 16000 1.0
Explosion-proof type 381LX A-08 341LX A-08 800 4.2 30
381LXA-20 341LXA-20 2000 2.1
381LXA-30 341LXA-30 3000 3.5 60
381LXA-50 341LXA-50 5000 1.7