APL-910N Valve Position Monitor


APL910N Limit Switch Box/ APL910N Valve Position Indicator/ APL910N Valve Position Monitor

APL-910N Limit Switch Box


APL-910 Limit Switch Box , also can be called Valve Position Indicator or valve position monitor, is a kind of field instrument for detecting valve status in automatic control system.


  • Housing, cover and brackets are all made of press-formed stainless steel to secure long life, superb corrosion resistance and durability.
  • Economical price;
  • Permanent laser marking on the nameplate;
  • Weatherproof IP67; Option: watertight IP68 (2 m 72hr);
  • Light weight and robust design;
  • Visual position indicator with tight indicator window sealing;
  • Spring loaded splined cam: easy setting without tools;
  • Captive cover bolts: no need to worry about losing them when the cover is open;
  • NAMUR standard stainless steel shaft and bracket.

Standard Specification:

Standard Option
Enclosure Weatherproof IP67-IEC 60529 Watertight IP68 (2 m 72hr)-IEC 60529
Material 304 stainless steel 316L stainless steel
Ambient Temperature -20℃~ 80℃ -50℃~ 80℃(Low temp.)

-40℃~ 110℃(High temp.)

Cable Entries 2x NPT1/2” 2x PF1/2”, 2x M20, 2x PG13.5
Position Indicator close: red open: yellow Three positions (T-port, L-port)
Terminal Block 8p (0.08-2.5mm2) 12p (0.08-2.5mm2)
Coating Anti-corrosion coating
Bracket Type S: 80 x30 (H:20, 30) Type O: 80 x30 (H:20, 30) & 130x 30 (H:30, 50)

 Option Specification:

Design Construction



Installation requirements: The power must be turned off before opening the cover. After the product is installed, the technician needs to adjust it, let the valve go back and forth several times to determine that the limit switch signal is reliable.